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Our story

Since 2014, we have been a store specializing in handmade accessories for both horse and rider that you can customize and completely put together yourself.

As horse lovers, we understand the need for quality products that are stylish and improve the performance of both horse and rider.

At Monère you will find an extensive range that has been put together with care. From elegant browbands and blankets to turtlenecks and hairnets.

Where it started

We started in September 2014 as Frontriemenshop where you could put together handmade browbands and halters entirely to your liking. Our assortment has grown even more since then.

Our mission

At Monère want every rider to see how different riding with the right gear can be. Equipment is not something that should be ignored when it comes to the horse's well-being.

Monère is the place to go if you're a rider looking for handmade goods of high quality.